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About Tokyu Group

Group slogan

Toward a Beautiful Age - Tokyu Group
Group Philosophy

We hold this philosophy in common as we work together to create and support the Tokyu Group.
Mission Statement

We will create a beautiful living environment, where each person can pursue individual happiness in a harmonious society.
Management Policy

Work independently and in collaboration to raise Group synergy and establish a trusted and beloved brand.
Meet current market expectations and develop new ones.
Manage in harmony with the natural environment.
Pursue innovative management from a global perspective.
Value individuality and make the most of each people.
Through these means, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.
Guidelines for Action

Fulfill your responsibilities.
Collaborate to enhance each other¡¯s abilities.
Reinvent yourself with a global awareness.
Corporate Profile

¡¡The Tokyu Group began as Meguro-Kamata Electric Railway Company in 1922. As of April 2017, the group comprises 220 companies and eight other incorporated bodies, headed by the Tokyu Corporation. The cornerstone of the group¡¯s business is urban development underpinned by transportation services. For many years its business portfolio has spanned the fields of real estate, lifestyle services, hotels and resorts, business support services and many other activities deeply embedded in the daily lives of its customers.
The group has adopted the slogan ¡°Toward a Beautiful Age¡± to articulate its mission of creating beautiful living environments attuned to a variety of individual values. Its member companies work together under the principle of corporate autonomy, advancing a synergistic process of ¡°collaborative creation¡± and building a Tokyu brand that is both trusted and loved.
A proactive approach is also taken to grassroots community service, though work such as the operation of educational institutions and foundations, and the activities of Tokyu Associations nationwide.

Tokyu Kids Program

The Tokyu Kids Program organizes experiential events in which elementary school children and their parents can engage in work experience, site visits, creative activities and other extracurricular pursuits. The events are held every winter on the premises of Tokyu Group member companies.
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