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Text My Deal is an innovative SMS revenue generating scheme for all retailers. SMS messaging is the most popular form of digital communication in the world.
¡®SMS Marketing is fast becoming the most effective communication medium for connecting with your customer base¡¯.
Text My Deal is innovative sales and marketing company with good ideas and a fresh approach to the market. Driven by an extremely experienced management team made up of free thinking individuals, all with complimentary skill sets.
Based on the notion that ¡®good ideas do not care who had them¡¯, everyone at Text My Deal is encouraged to contribute towards the growth and the direction of the company. We employ very highly regarded individuals with some of the best rising stars in the industry.
Taking this approach, combined with the belief that customer is king, we are versatile and dynamic, supportive and creative. We are a pleasure to do business with.
The Market
Retailers will go out of their way to take and collect email addresses, so they can send unwanted emails that may not even get past a junk filter. Certainly often rarely read.
Alternatively they may pay large sums to offer costly discounts via daily deal websites.
Yet few if any promote or market themselves direct to their consumers by the far more cost effective and trustworthy method of text messaging.
Tried and tested, it actually works! The facts speak for themselves. SMS messaging remains the most popular form of non-verbal communication in the world today.
No Apps required, SMS text messaging is a basic function of ALL mobile phones.
Why Use Us?
¡®Customer retention costs a lot less than customer acquisition¡¯ ¨C fact.
So what is the point of spending hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds on voucher schemes to attract new customers in through the front door, when your existing customers are leaving just as quick out the back door?
Text My Deal keeps you in touch with your customer base allowing you to incentivise, motivate and welcome them back to your establishment time after time.
Text My Deal is a simple way to communicate with your customers. Furthermore you own the database and you are in control.
Far more effective than email ¨C SMS messages are normally read within 5 seconds of receipt. That¡¯s the beauty of SMS Marketing.
So don¡¯t wait for your customers to look on line for your competitors special offers, get there first and stay in front.
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