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"We explore not where answers already exist. We explore possibilities yet unknown." Blossoms of technology bloom from things once regarded as impossible.
However technology evolves, the pioneers of the new era will come from the people. NITTOH's power comes from each of our employees' imagination and creativity. This is our pursuit for the "light at the summit¡±, unreachable with just technological knowledge. In pursuit of the "light at the summit¡±. Light, Our Pursuit. We at NITTOH aim to be the craftsmen always in pursuit of the possibilities of optical technology.
Company Name Nittoh Inc.
Established 1943
Chief Representative Shuoh Kaneko, President & CEO
Number of Employees 2,100
Head Office 4529 Konami, Suwa-City,
Nagano Prefecture, Japan 392-0131
TEL +81-266-52-1611 FAX +81-266-57-5030 Access Guide
Kami-Suwa Plant 1-1538 Kamigawa, Suwa-City,
Nagano Prefecture, Japan 392-0021
TEL +81-266-52-6200 FAX +81-266-52-6110 Access Guide
Azumino Plant 5718-4 Matsukawa-Village, Kita Azumi-county,
Nagano Prefecture, 399-8501 Japan
TEL +81-261-62-3121 FAX +81-261-62-9139 Access Guide
Tokyo Office 3rd floor Nissin Bldg,1-8-27 Konan, 
Minato-ward, Tokyo, Japan 108-0075
TEL +81-3-5781-7811 FAX +81-3-5781-7815 Access Guide
Affiliates nittoh (Singapore) Pte.Ltd
PT. nittoh Batam
Ecolo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Fuji, Suwa)
Shoujoh Techno Co., Ltd.
Outline of business Development and manufacturing of equipment related to optics
・Lens modules for DSCs (digital still cameras)
・Lens modules for projectors
・Optical elements
・Molds for plastic lenses etc
・LED lighting modules
・Surface treatment, High quality painting
・Development and manufacturing of information devices,
aircraft instruments, and medical equipment
1876 Toueisha was established for silk production
1943 Nittoh Kogaku Kikai Seisakujyo was established. The company aligned with Nihon Kogaku and started manufacturing optical equipment.
1950 Successfully developed Kominar lens, the company's own brand lens.
1951 Incorporated into Nittoh Kogaku K.K.
1961 Kami-Suwa Plant was established in Kamigawa Area, Suwa City. Started manufacturing finished cameras.
1969 Introduced integrated system for lens production.
1970 Nittoh Kogaku Matsukawa Plant, an affiliated company was established in Kita Azumi District to expand lens production system.
1983 Entry into the Optronics field including information equipment.
1994 Camera Division awarded ISO-9001 accreditation.
1996 Established a joint venture, PT. ADIWIRA PRESISI INDUSTRI, in Indonesia with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and the Astra Group of Indonesia for an integrated camera production system.
1999 Optronics Division awarded ISO-9001 accreditation.
2002 All Nittoh Kogaku sites awarded ISO-14001 accreditation. Acquisition of Indonesia's Astra Group-held shares of PT. ADIWIRA PRESISI INDUSTRI, reorganizing the subsidiary into a joint venture between Nittoh Kogaku and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in order to expand its production capacity.
2007 Acquired total shares of Shoujoh Seiki Co., Ltd. (renamed Shoujoh Techno Co., Ltd. in 2012) and reorganized it into a wholly owned subsidiary in order to strengthen our mold production capabilities.
Renamed our Indonesian subsidiary to PT.NITTOH PRESISI INDONESIA.
2008 Acquired all shares of PT.NITTOH PRESISI INDONESIA, transforming it into our wholly owned subsidiary.
2011 Founded a locally incorporated company, Nittoh (Singapore) Pte.Ltd, in Singapore.
2012 Totally modernized and expanded our Matsukawa Plant to consolidate mold production operations, and renamed it Azumino Plant. Established an additional Indonesian subsidiary, PT.nittoh Batam, to further strengthen our overseas production.
2017 Our company name changed to Nittoh Inc.
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