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Martin B. Mikula, P.E. - Work Summary

(Licensed Professional Engineer: VA, MD, NC, SC, MO, IA, MN)

Martin B. Mikula, P.E. has worked extensively with post-tensioned concrete structures since 1984.  His experience covers design, construction, restoration, forensics, testing, and manufacturing.  Mr. Mikula established Mikula Group Inc. in 1995 to offer timely and reliable consulting services to the design and construction industry.  As Principal, he has provided structural engineering solutions for over 100 commissions on an array of projects.  Prior to forming Mikula Group Inc., Martin held key engineering and management positions for 10 years with a prominent international post-tensioning design-build firm.

Nationally, Martin serves on technical committees of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI).  He has presented at ACI conventions and lectured at dozens of PTI seminars, certifying approximately 1,000 construction professionals in the fundamentals of post-tensioning.  Other speaking engagements have included the National Concrete Engineering Council and the Minnesota Concrete Council (former Technical Committee chair).
In the event of disasters, Martin Mikula deploys as a Structural Specialist with Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue representing FEMA as Virginia Task Force 1 () when responding to national events, and representing USAID as USA-1 when responding to international events.  Locally, Martin volunteers as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Madison County.

Martin Mikula earned his structural engineering degree at Penn State in the Architectural Engineering program, the top ranked program in the country.  Following graduation, Martin joined VSL (Springfield, VA) as a Project Engineer where he produced the structural plans and calculations for post-tensioned buildings and parking structures.  Other duties included engineering calculations, system details and project coordination for large (500 kip - 2,000 kip) post-tensioning tendons.  Representative projects included  long-span box-girder bridges, large transfer girders, mat foundations and dam stabilizations.
Promoted in 1986 to Branch Engineer of VSL (Minneapolis, MN) and responsible for projects in IA, IL, IN, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD and WI, Martin managed approximately 45 post-tensioning projects a year.  In this capacity Martin provided: final structural design for 15 post-tensioned buildings and parking structures; preliminary framing plans for over 50 post-tensioned buildings and parking structures; tendon repair procedures for over 25 structures (involving several hundred tendons); external strengthening plans and calculations for 7 structures; post-tensioning system engineering for 6 bridge structures, 2 water reservoirs, 2 dams, and over a dozen ground anchor projects.

In 1989 Martin Mikula was promoted to Manager of the Minneapolis office where he profitably managed an office of 12 people.  Responsibilities included developing, negotiating and executing projects.  In 1993 Martin relocated to the company's world headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, where his work involved post-tensioned mat foundations and design calculations for an 83-Mg reservoir.  Upon returning to the USA Martin was promoted to Vice President and he served as structural manager in the Dallas office, responsible for projects in 18 midwest states from Canada to Mexico.  Representative projects included: framing plans for buildings and parking structures; design and construction of a 500,000 gallon reservoir; an erection plan for 5 miles of segmental bridge construction; design and installation of external post-tensioning systems to strengthen an existing bridge and concrete tank/silo; tendon repairs in parking structures and office buildings; engineering and construction for a 30' x 30' opening in a 10" post-tensioned slab on the 18th floor of an occupied building; system details for a deadman anchor system on a hydropower plant; and structural evaluations for deteriorating concrete tanks, silos and parking structures.
Consulting Services

Conceptual Designs 

Preliminary Framing Plans

Material Estimates & Budgets

Design Development

Construction Documents

Site Reviews/Inspections

Peer Reviews

Expert Witness for litigation

Construction Engineering

Concrete Shoring and Forming

Barrier Cable System Design

Post-Tensioning System Design

Post-Tensioning System Repairs

In-situ Tendon Force Verification

Concrete Durability Assessment

Forensics for concrete structures

Restoration for concrete structures

Strengthening for concrete structures 
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