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If you are looking to enjoy a Japanese hot spring, come to Hotel Micuras.
Located in Atami, Shizuoka, one of Japan¡¯s most prominent hot spring areas, Hotel Micuras is a resort hotel featuring open-air hot spring baths with unbroken views of the Pacific Ocean.
Close to Tokyo, Hotel Micuras is also a popular location for watching the famous Atami Sea Fireworks.
Hotel Micuras offers Japanese-style relaxation and comfort in a stylish hotel atmosphere.
The guest room which is filled with relaxation and healing while being stylish. 
All 62 guest rooms including 55 ocean views and 7 healing stay rooms (mountain side) are stylish designed space where the visitors enjoy their hotel life with their own favorite style. 
All guest rooms are luxurious design and filled with relaxation and healing only in healing resort.
Located on 3rd Floor, The restaurant ¡°Micuras Dining¡± offers exquisite food and fine wines and sets a new standard for dining in Atami.
During Breakfast, you can see the splendid scenery of the Sagami bay stretch below, and enjoy CURA of the Micuras breakfast.
Sanacion Spa
Aromapressure® technique is desired by French God Hand therapist, Mr.Daniel Mardon.
Our treatment is a combination of the latest lymph drainage, Shiatsu,and stretch.
This treatment and our original aroma oil fix the balance of your body and exhaust a toxin and promote metabolism.
MICURAS Vista (Natural Hot Spring Bath)
he large prospect outdoor baths(the eighth floor for women and the thirteen floor for men) are opening ocean view and give a feeling of airiness and spaciousness.
They are full facilities and there are an open-air bath,a sauna and an ocean view deck.
Both baths command a view of Atami city, Atami beach line, Hatsushima and Izuoshima in a distance.
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