lxkey eos - keyboard designed for ETC Nomad

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Introducing lxkey|eos, a high quality keyboard designed for use with the ETCnomad lighting platform.
Ideal for nomadic lighting designers, lxkey reproduces the layout of the consoles you already know and love.
Familiar Layout
The lxkey|eos is designed to closely emulate the ETC consoles you know and love. Coloured keys are used to group familiar functions whilst remaining compact.
Cherry MX Switches
The lxkey range of keyboards use Cherry MX mechanical keys with ergonomic tactile feedback intended to withstand intensive use, very similar to the console itself.
Internal USB Hub
The lxkey keyboards have an internal USB hub, ideal for your Nomad software protection dongle, and facilitates use of a USB LED gooseneck lamp.
We are committed to supporting lxkey keyboards, and they can be updated to take advantage of future developments in the Eos family software.
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