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Linco Baby Merchandise Work's Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in baby nursing products was founded in 1973. From the starting of semi-automatic production, Linco has progressed to full-automatic production facilities and has standing firmly at the leading position in baby nursery field in Taiwan. As to take a broad view on being in the service of more consumers and on the expansion of worldwide markets, a branch company was established in 2001 at Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, providing a variety of baby product range.
To conform to strict requirements worldwide for excellent quality, Linco has been a remarkable OEM factory of many renowned baby-product-related companies around the whole world. With ongoing introduction of international latest technology and management, Linco involves with products R&D, which honorably wins multinational patents, adopts throughout production management, with flowchart under supervision from raw material formulas, machinery equipments, producing procedures and quality control in-between all. Moreover, Linco is proudly qualified as the first ISO-9002 approved baby product manufacturing in 1995.
Linco's Concern
In terms of invention and innovation, Linco carries forward latest eco-friendly PES, BPP feeding bottles, with property of free of Bisphenol A(BPA), as well introduces "four-drive blow molding machine" from Japan. Grasp promising feasibility to go across medical care, cosmetics, as well as baby products. Enterprise culture and philosophy of Linco is "Enterprise Reliability the First", even on condition of unmanned supervision, proper care is taken to ensure the quality of products for maximum safety and comfort of babies. Such as printing ink and raw material generally comply with FDA regulations. Linco is advantaged over silicone products among all. With superior transparency in looks, better elasticity in physical, strict quality control system also far beyond other rivals. There is no limit but only exciting breakthrough is made to extend application on silicone items from baby products to sport goods and medical articles, such as mouth-guard in sports.
To meet with new consumerism's ideas, we anticipate linking up brand images and enterprise reliability with commodity's benefits whether in terms of quality, functionality, or cost, to strive for better living and create healthy life. Linco is the first choice for babies and parents, because "Babies!| health and Mothers' Happiness are Linco's Greatest Concerns".
What's¡ºEnvironmental Hormone¡»?
Environmental Hormone also known as Endocrine Disrupters are exogenous endocrine disrupting substance and micro-chemicals that exist in the environment. They usually are taken into life form via the food-chain reaction, and affect the content of life form's internal hormone by forming and sending false chemical signals. Which, will then interrupt the primary endocrine system, cause endocrine disorder, affect life form's procreation functionality and may even cause a malignant tumor. It is a critical affection especially to the pregnant-period embryos or growing infants.
According to the initial result of overseas human health research, the Endocrine Disrupters which possess the characteristic of oestrogen might affect human by increasing the probability of breast cancer for the female, decreasing the number of sperm and causing testis cancer for male. Human body comprises several endocrine systems, which importantly affect the adjusting and operating systems of every functionality of the body. As baby's feeding bottles are usually used to make milk by hot water, they are likely to decompose the substance of Bisphenol-A, which may affect growing infant's endocrine, immune and nervous systems, and cause a lifelong ill effects.
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