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Established in 1987.
Harts Pawn Shop has been in business for 29 years and counting. Acquiring the expertise and knowledge over the past 29 years in business we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of customers helping us understand peoples needs and wants when it comes to the line of business that we are in. By request of numerous customers that had a long commute we have made that our responsibility and have came closer to them by opening a new location in Glendale.
Our pawn broking services are confidential and fast. Sometimes life hands us unexpected emergencies and we need help. That's why Hart's Pawn Shop offers the best service around. We understand how important it is to get cash loans quickly. We loan money confidentially against gold, platinum, jewelry, selected prestige watches, musical instruments, electronics, and much more. Just bring your items to one of our branches and our trained staff will assess your items and calculate how much you can borrow against them. (Proof of identity will be required) Your items will then be securely stored for the duration of the loan. When you decide to collect your items, you simply pay back the amount loaned and any interest that may have accrued. Cash loans can be renewed at any time by simply paying the interest on maturity date. We always try to offer the most cash for your good and the best interest rates in town. If you need cash quickly and confidentially, why not call one of the convenient branches of Hart's Pawn Shop to see how much you could borrow.

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What sets Hart¡¯s Pawn Shop apart from all other pawn shops?

Give loans against gold/platinum jewelry, upscale watches, fine art, high-end memorabilia, and much more
Receive cash for your items quickly and confidentially
No collateral loan amount too large
Owned and operated by one family since 1987
Precious collaterals stored in vaulted security
Purchase and sell modern and antique jewelry
Certified gemologists and experts in the field on staff
Prompt and friendly service
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