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uSense brings to Middle East Industry 40 years of global experience of instrumentation and monitoring projects on major offshore and civil structures, we utilize the most innovative of sensor technology to provide cost effective high quality solutions.
We collaborate with a small but very distinguished group of global business's who's activities have strong synergy with our own.
Mike Shaw
General Manager
Mike has 40years experience of Structural Monitoring projects across many different industries, he has sucessfully completed testing and instrumentation projects for most of the notable Middle East contractors.
Our Team
DuSense brings to Middle East Industry the most advanced sensor technology for monitoring of civil and marine structures. DuSense LLC has partnered with a distinguished group of world renowned businesses.

For Bi-Directional Static Load testing of piles we introduce to the Middle East the most innovative of 21st century pressure-cell technology now very successfully applied for the testing of cast in-situ piles, it works equally well with both Test Piles and Working Piles. Over 2200 piles tested by Super-Cell globally. SAFER, QUICKER, and SAVES COSTS. The preferred choice of Structural Engineers for Working Pile tests ¨C ¡®100% of the pile capacity is satisfactorily restored¡¯. ¡®It¡¯s much safer and saved us months on our piling schedule, brilliant technology I can¡¯t wait to work with DuSense again,¡¯ a recent comment of Saudi Arabian Piling contractor. (Jan 2016)



Geotechnical Instruments have become a major part of the DuSense portfolio, from our early years of involvement with Offshore and Nuclear Structural Monitoring we have made natural progression into Geotechnical Engineering with experience of numerous high profile Ground Engineering and Bridge Monitoring projects around the world. We can offer the complete professional service from procurement to commissioning of whole range of geotechnical instrumentation .

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