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We are a carefully curated team of dreamers, makers and marketers based in Chongqing, China.2 Together we create profitable companies that improve cities and the lives of their citizens.3
The CQubed culture defines how we collaborate and has grown from the values and principles that we hold to be true. We promote trust, sharing, transparency and learning. We view design and quality as paramount and we are not afraid to fail. In doing so we promote a culture that is authentic ¨C one in which ideas can thrive.1
1We are a multicultural business and team based in one of the most traditional cities in China. Allowing a culture to grow naturally is more important than ever.
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The core team is small and flexible, capable of floating across the projects without barriers.2 We define our roles specifically but we also all possess multiple skills and interests.3 In this way we can work together efficiently, taking the reigns when necessary and helping out on each others¡¯ tasks.
2We find many of our core and project team members using our innovative annual CQubists programme.
3We loosely categorise our roles into Hustler, Designer and Hacker.

The CQubed Hub serves two purposes. It is a physical space for work and idea delivery; and it is a symbolic space where culture and values are encouraged and shared.1
1From events and parties to lectures, workshops and cooking lessons, the Hub promotes cultural nourishment.
As Chongqing¡¯s first co-working space, it paved the way for idea generation and development in the heart of China. The space is inspiring and in turn encourages inspiration. Its open plan design embodies our transparent culture and ensures everyone is surrounded by brilliant people. It encourages the sharing of knowledge and ultimately enriches every project that exists within its walls.2
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