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With the country*s population increasing and the loss of thousands of homes to natural disasters, there currently exists a massive housing deficit.  According to the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA)每an alliance of over 200 private housing developers每the backlog currently stands at 3.9 million units and could rise to 6.5 million in 2030 if the issue is not addressed.  With an average of 5 每 6 people per household, the numbers indicate that by 2030, nearly 40 million Filipinos would be without shelter. 
In response to the SHDA*s continuously urging the government to step up their efforts to address this problem, Batasang Pambansa 220 (BP220) was created.  The government act encourages the private sector to engage in the development of economic and socialized housing in both urban and rural areas across the country.
Enter Bria.  While the country*s need for mass housing is immense, most private developers are missing out on the possibilities of this vast market.  Realizing this, and to answer the government*s call每and the country*s need每for socialized housing
※I was curious, at the same time, I could not understand why my co-workers are very much obsessed in living inside a shoebox. When in fact, you have a choice to live in a more spacious home. Kaya never ko naisip na ipagpalit yung bahay ko sa Calamba kahit afford kong kumuha ng unit sa condominiums."
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Situated in the northern slopes of Mount Makiling is Calamba, the second component city in Laguna. 
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※As for me, mas prefer kong umuuwi ng Calamba kasi tahimik &yung area. Hindi gaano crowded tulad sa Manila kaya kahit pagod from shoot, nakakabawas ng stress,§ 

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