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Established for over 10 years, BMK have steadily grown their company portfolio, and now have over 500 customers.  Currently we supply to Major Food Service Distributors, Independent Retailers, Wholesalers, Specialty Food Shops and Retail Food Chains.
BMK Australia is a food services distribution agency specialising in dairy products, export for dairy, cold storage and food services brokerage for well-recognised industry brands, as well as BMK Brand.
BMK Cold Storage Facilities and Distribution Centre is located in Braeside, Victoria.  We ensure safe delivery to all major food distribution centres throughout Australia and Overseas.
BMK specialise in Dairy Products and we are fully licensed for Export of Dairy Products.  We source only premium dairy products which meet Australian and International Health and safety testing.
BMK | Agency
BMK | Kenlor Food Services Brokerage is driven by results.  Our Agency services are based on ¡®Turnover¡¯, and secure Trading Terms with major food service Distributors for reputable, and instantly recognisable brands.
Regular sales calls and deliveries
Full Product Management
Sales and Marketing initiatives.
Active participation in product integration.
BMK | What we do
We buy, sell and deliver premium products to the food services industry.  We have operations in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.  Our three main divisions are Industrial, Retail, PL Cold Storage.
BMK Brand | Dairy Products
BMK Brand | Premium Fats & Oils
Honey, Cocoa, Essences
We have a Dairy Export License.
Cold Storage | Dry Storage
BMK offer regulated Dry Storage and Cold Storage for Deli, Frozen and Dry Products for direct to store or cross decking.  Contract storage has four levels of temperate storage and distribution for BMK Agency and BMK Brand.
-22 Degrees | Freezerªó
+ 2 Degrees | Chiller
-20 Degrees | Chocolate
Cold Storage | Dry Storage
Food Safety
BMK source premium dairy produce which complies with the highest food safety standards.  Australia is renowned for its¡¯ excellent quality, as well the nutritional properties of our highly regarded agricultural environment.  BMK Australia meets Australian and International Health and Safety testing for nutritional compliance requirements.  Our dairy is manufactured in accordance with accreditation guidelines as set out by the Department of Agriculture, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, with further testing undertaken by Local Government Health and Safety Inspection Services onshore, and at the port of destination.
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