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About ACCESS is established with the project "Access" that is funded by Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Program 2007-2013. The general aim for ¡°Access¡± is to build a framework for art, design and music students to foster and support their creativity. aims to facilitate communication between creative students and guide them in their career and entrepreneurial journey in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavian region.
Why Use It?
¡¤       Free international marketing: promote yourself or advertise a new project/ job offer.
¡¤       Connect with others, find creative jobs and opportunities in different countries.
¡¤       Attend entrepreneurial courses and events.
¡¤       Find useful information about how to build up a career or enterprise in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.
Administrated by member universities:
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Network of Estonian Design Agencies
Design Excellence Estonia is the meeting place of the competences, opportunities and contacts of the Estonian design sector. This is where the best design bureaus of Estonia have gathered, being stronger and more diversified, and also more valuable partners for clients of design services, when acting together. For the clients and providers of design services alike, Design Excellence Estonia is a good opportunity for finding the best possible service from a single place.

Catalogue of the Estonian Design Agencies 2012
From this catalogue you will find an overview of all the members of Design Excellence Estonia with their contacts.
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