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Dear fans of AFC Tubize,First of all, I¡¯d like to thank all the fans who have shown continuous support for AFC Tubize.
Since the foundation in 1919, AFC Tubize experienced diverse yet great changes. AFC Tubize was named after current co-owner Raymond Langendries merged FC Tubize and Amis R¨¦unis de Tubize, and settled as its present form in May 1990.
In 2002 the club stepped into the center of European football as it entered the professional league in Belgium and was promoted to the first division in 2007, enjoying its prime time. Furthermore, AFC Tubize showed outstanding ability in training young prospects, producing world-class player Eden Hazard.
Entering the season of 2014-2015, sportizen acquired AFC Tubize to aim bigger goals and make a new leap forward. Although we are undergoing a change, there is no doubt that AFC Tubize is carrying its spirit and tradition under the slogan of ¡®l¡¯union fait la force¡¯ as the club was developed together with such inspiring local fans.
The acquisition is not the end, but another journey that will bring a new and better day to AFC Tubize. With newly organized team we are thoroughly preparing for the future of AFC Tubize, and the next page of our grand history is just about to be made.
Above all, the part that completes AFC Tubize is our fans. We will continue to be together with our supporters and promise to bring you all more than just a victory.
Please give us your continued support.
1919     Foundation of Athletic Club Tubizien
1926     Club re-established under the name of Club Sportif Tubizien
1946     Club changed its name as Football Club Tubize
1953     Club changed its name as Club Sportif Hope Tubize
1963     Football Club Tubize (FC Tubize) was formed as a result of the merger between CSE Tubize and CS Tubizien
1974     Foundation of Amis R¨¦unis de Tubize (AR Tubize)
The origin of AFC Tubize goes all the way back to 1919. It was first found under the name of Athletic Club Tubizien and had gone through a number of changes; Club Sportif Tubizien to Football Club Tubize, and then Club Sportif Hope Tubize. In 1963, two clubs that represented the city of Tubize, CSE Tubize and CS Tubizien, merged and newly formed Football Club Tubize (FC Tubize). Also in 1974, another club was created based in Tubize, Amis R¨¦unis de Tubize (AR Tubize). These two teams continued to develop and represented the city of Tubize.
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