BAMstorm - Danube is a digital asset on BAM Protect your .Com domain name. Buy,contact Email:

BAM is a dual-coin digital-value exchange.  
Email sends text. BAM sends value.  If you've heard of Bitcoin, this is better. You don't have to buy into this coin. It's free, yet it has value. Each BAM is worth a constant $.05.  (BAM is backed by 100 million segregated Danube. Users mutually-agree that Danube marks to a dollar, so this keeps the value of BAM at $.05 at all times.) Why do digital asset properties have value? User agreements and fixed supply. Email has unlimited supply. BAM is limited to its block-chain tech-specs, its purpose, and is backed by Danube. There is nothing like BAM in the digital world. See the plan in the info section. Get BAM immediately from our generous faucet.

1. Copy and Paste YOUR BAM address to YOUR account.

2. Enter 10 BAM only.

3. Enter the password above to send the BAM. 

4. Watch the client make a confirmation.

5. Close the client from the upper right.

This faucet works on the honor system.

 Take only 10 BAM. If you clean out the 10 BAM account, your account will be excluded from BAMstorms. 

500 BAM
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Post your BAM address.

500 BAM will be send shortly.

500 BAM 

Follow us on twitter from the account below.

Tweet us your BAM address.

500 BAM will be sent shortly.

You can do any, or all three, to get up to 1500 BAM. 

100,000 BAM

Can you donate $100 for a BAM VPS node? 

$100 per service install. Set it and forget it. 
Limited to 100 total nodes. Grab one while you can. 

What is a BAMstorm?


A BAMstorm is a group reward as we pass milestones in verified-user accounts.

Starting at 2000, we all split 50 million BAM.

This continues every time accounts triple. 

2000, 6000, 18000, 54000, 162,000, etc.

This is how we reward you for telling your family and friends.

If they are US citizens eligible voters, we want them to have a BAM account ASAP.

Information about BAMstorms will be available here. The first BAMstorm may happen by the end of February. With your help, we'll reach 2000 accounts!  
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